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EB: Land a Client as a Community Manager

BONUS: Land a Client as a Groups Community Manager   Yhennifer Mendes is going to teach you in this lesson the 10 steps you need to take to land a client as a Community Manager.

E6: Circle of Awesomeness

How to Craft the Customer Journey   We make a big impact on our customer’s lives when we require two things from them.  When we ask them to invest in themselves in a big way with either their time or their money or both. . In this lesson we are going to dive into the …

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E4 – Grow Messenger Leads

How to Grow Messenger Leads?   Text messaging is really the new sacred space. In this lesson, I’m going to give you a tour inside of Facebook of how you can use messaging by using Facebook’s tools. . Important terms that you will read/ hear a lot: PM on Facebook stands for ‘Personal Message’ DM …

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E3: Grow Your Group

Why do we NEED a Group?? Groups are the best place to nurture an audience.  Emails are often ignored.  Pages often need ads… and it feels spammy being told to buy something from a page. . It can feel self-promotional… . But a group!! A group is a place where you can have your FANS …

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E2: Ways to Grow Leads

How do we grow more LEADS!!   Your list is not just emails!!  Your list is anyone that has raised their hands and said they want more information from you – that you have collected into a place where you can reach out to them and give them follow up information.   You need three …

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E1: Fast Track Plan

What part of the Facebook Ecosystem should you work on next?? . In this lesson, we break down the fast track plan, or what you should be focusing on depending on your page size and engagement levels. If you are a page that is between 0 and 10,000 fans we have a handout in the …

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